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Who Am I?

Hard work and dedication pay off in a well-deserved sense of pride, a personal satisfaction in accomplishment and keeping the most important promise, the one we make to ourselves. Whether personal, professional goals, at the root of what we all seek is fulfillment, accomplishment and happiness.  Over the years, Essential Oils, Reiki, Crystals and other personal development tools have had a profound impact on my life. Now as a Reiki Master, Life Coach, and Certified Essential Oils Coach, by applying these skills I guide individuals on their journey of triumph in the same way, to help the reach their personal mountaintop.

My educational and work background include a Bachelor of Arts in German Language and Literature from Arizona State University, a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, and an Executive Juris Doctor from Concord Law School. While at the University of Geneva, Switzerland I spent the summer of 2004 attending a Child Psychology program. I worked as a paramedic for a year, a nuclear medicine technician for 3 years, had multiple roles in clinical research for 21 years. While I had different roles and wore different hats throughout the years, my most important role is being the mother to the best little boy in the world. All the roles and experiences I had, shaped me into who I am today – determined, compassionate, caring, with a strong desire to help others, whether it is just a kind word, pointing to the right direction, a little hand holding, wiping a tear to make space for the big smile, seeing the other side of things, or just being there at the right place at the right time when needed.

I love to help people, and always have. Conscious Mind Healing is my way of helping individuals bee more, see more, help them navigate through life’s trials and become the best versions of themselves. Life is good and it is up to us to see it this way!